Feelin' trashy?

There's a SNAP for that.

Keep your space clean with Trash Snap: the use-anywhere solution to throw away your trash!

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Have Questions?

Trash Snap is pretty simple, but below are some of the most common questions we get asked.

Can it be moved?

Yes, it mounts with damage-free, removable adhesive. If you wish to move it to a new location, just replace the adhesive strip and it'll be ready for its next trash-free home.

Does the surface have to be smooth?

No, it will mount to surfaces with texture as long as it is not overly done. The adhesive back can be used on plastic, wood, concrete, vinyl, etc. Flat and solid surfaces are recommended.

Can it be used with other bags? 

Yes, other bag types may be used in place of the original bag as long as the material is thin enough for the snap to grab. Paper lunch bags and nylon bags work very well.

How much weight does it hold?

A single TrashSnap will hold up to 3-5 pounds. For bigger jobs, use two! This is a great solution for bootle return stations and yard waste bags.

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