Queen of Trash

Meet Lisa Reid

Trash Snap is the brain child of Lisa Reid, who believes that less trash equals more peace.

About Trash Snap

Lisa Reid, the founder and creator of Portland Innovative Potential, came up with the Trash Snap idea while cleaning her car before picking up real estate clients. Repeatedly using the handy roll of dog poop bags in her car to clear the cup holders of trash eventually inspired a question: “What if there were a way to keep the bag in a convenient place so small that trash could be deposited directly?”

From there the journey began. The process included many revisions, resulting in the very handy and practical Trash Snap!

About Lisa

Lisa Reid is the inventor of Trash Snap and owner of Portland Innovative Potential (creative solutions without limits). Lisa is an Oregon native, and mother of 3. She has had variety of professions including 30 years as an X-ray technologist, transitioned to realtor in Portland OR, and has created products in the past from baby and medical accessory soft goods, to commuter bike gadgets.

The common thread throughout was always tapping into her innovative space. Whether it was positioning for the best x-ray view, creative solutions for real estate buying or selling, or seeing a need and working on a solution. Trash Snap is the latest, and most exciting of the bunch so far, due to it’s simplicity and broad reach.

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Our Values

Things We Believe In

There's a lot of them.


Trash Snap works hard to minimize it's footprint on the environment. Not only are all of the materials sustainably sourced, but they're also able to be reused.

Local Sourcing

Reduced fuel and transportation costs

Reusable Materials

Trash Snap bags are made to be reused


We pride ourselves on every step in the Trash Snap process, and ensure product quality is maintained every step of the way. Each Trash Snap is taken off the production line, gently caressed, and told how special it is.


Strict quality assurance guidelines for suppliers


We give attention to detail on every Snap

Local Community

Trash Snap is proudly made in Clackamas, OR. It is our top priority to support our local community as much as possible all the way from manufacturing to distribution. Assembly and packaging is done onsite, allowing for neighborhood and equal opportunity employment, as well as the very important quality control and rapid turn around times.

This is more than just a business. It is an opportunity to have a positive impact on as many people as possible. Including donating a percentage of each sale to JDRF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, in honor of Lisa’s 2 daughters who live to the fullest with Type 1 Diabetes.


From manufacturing to marketing, choosing local business partners


A percentage of each sale is donated to JDRF

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